Zack Seward


WXXI/Finger Lakes reporter for the Innovation Trail.

Zack Seward had only a few weeks to catch his breath between graduating from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and becoming the first reporter hired for the project.

Prior to his graduate studies, Seward was a production assistant at the PBS NewsHour, where he researched and developed breaking news stories as well as features for both the Health and Arts & Culture units. He also served at the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver with the NewsHour, and wrote for the NewsHour's Art Beat blog. 

Seward got his start in public media when he was an anthropology student at the University of Chicago, as a production intern for WTTW's Chicago Tonight. He has also conducted internships in regional transportation planning and neighborhood revitalization. He's originally from San Francisco.



Fri August 20, 2010
Fun with Maps

New program eliminates pesky humans from Google Street View

A wedding, mad scientists and a marching band all caught on film by Google Street View.
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Frankly, we say this innovation thing has gone too far!

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Fri August 20, 2010
Wind power

Mapping the wind

Turbines have been popping up across New York state for about a decade now.
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When we started looking into wind power in New York state we thought there'd be a handy map that would show us where all the wind turbines are. We were wrong.

We'd heard of wind farms here and there, but as far as statewide context we were a bit stumped. So we made this map.

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Wed August 4, 2010
Offshore wind

Upstate wind power debate, island style

Magical, mysterious, windy - and expensive - Galloo Island.
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Ahh, Galloo Island: a distant gem in the northeast corner of Lake Ontario.

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