Zack Seward


WXXI/Finger Lakes reporter for the Innovation Trail.

Zack Seward had only a few weeks to catch his breath between graduating from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and becoming the first reporter hired for the project.

Prior to his graduate studies, Seward was a production assistant at the PBS NewsHour, where he researched and developed breaking news stories as well as features for both the Health and Arts & Culture units. He also served at the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver with the NewsHour, and wrote for the NewsHour's Art Beat blog. 

Seward got his start in public media when he was an anthropology student at the University of Chicago, as a production intern for WTTW's Chicago Tonight. He has also conducted internships in regional transportation planning and neighborhood revitalization. He's originally from San Francisco.



Wed June 13, 2012

New nonprofit venture fund aims to boost Rochester businesses

Venture Jobs Foundation President Denny DeLeo (right) accepts a $50,000 check from 5LINX CEO Craig Jerabeck. Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks is at left.
Zack Seward WXXI

The brand new Venture Jobs Foundation is just like any other charity.

"This one just happens to be providing early stage capital," says Denny DeLeo, the foundation's president and director.

The goal is to invest in small businesses that can spark "community renewal" in the greater Rochester area.

"We either will be investing in businesses that can locate in neighborhoods that have been in decline," DeLeo says, "or businesses that can provide job opportunities for lower income groups."

According to DeLeo, the foundation is a nationwide first: A nonprofit venture fund designed solely to foster job growth.

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Tue June 12, 2012
Morning Trail Mix

Kodak to finally sell digital patent portfolio?

Zack Seward WXXI

Good morning, all. Here's your Tuesday Trail Mix:

Kodak wants to sell its digital imaging patents (for real this time) - but first they need approval from a bankruptcy judge.

More blowback from that controversial UB fracking study.

And: Maybe New York isn't "Open For Business" after all.

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Fri June 8, 2012

Map: NY paid developers $1B to improve these brownfields

Cleaning up 114 brownfields cost state taxpayers $1 billion in tax credits, according to a new report from Environmental Advocates of New York (EANY).

We created a map (see above), based on data supplied by EANY, showing the 68 sites known to have received tax credits for brownfield remediation.

However, the statewide environmental group says tax data for some 46 sites remains unaccounted for.

"$300 million has gone to somewhere in between the 68 and the 114 projects," says EANY's Alison Jenkins. "We just don't know where because the state is not required to report it."

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Fri June 8, 2012

79 more layoffs at Kodak's Eastman Business Park

According to a new filing with the state labor department, 79 more Kodak employees will be let go by mid-August.

The latest round of layoffs targets the company's photographic equipment and supplies division at the former Kodak Park. 

Since filing for bankruptcy in January, the company has laid off more than 600 Rochester-area workers.

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Tue May 29, 2012
Company Town

INDUETIME: How a "Death App" won Rochester's Startup Weekend

The INDUETIME executive team. CEO Tohir Tillyaev, CMO Sophia Mitchell and CTO Tony Di Pietro.
Zack Seward WXXI

It started out as “The Death App.”

“I called it that because I couldn’t think of anything else,” says Tony Di Pietro.

Di Pietro’s “Death App” was the kernel of what became the winner of Rochester’s first Startup Weekend.

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