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WBFO/Western New York reporter for the Innovation Trail.

Daniel Robison came to Buffalo from WFIU in Bloomington, Indiana, where he was assistant news director.  Robison has contributed to NPR's All Things Considered, Morning Edition, Weekend Edition SundayOn Point with Tom Ashbrook, PRI's The WorldVoice of America, Chicago Public MediaWNYC, the Ohio River Radio Consortium, Allegheny Front and assisted APM's The Story and Marketplace.

Robison has an M.A. from Indiana University and graduated in 2007 with a degree in history from the University of Evansville.  

Robison hails from Kentuckiana (the Indiana side!), better known as the Louisville Metro Area. You can follow him at @robisonrobison



Mon October 3, 2011

SUNY's first 'sustainability officer' faces 2030 deadline

Just weeks into his job as chief sustainability officer at the University at Buffalo, Ryan McPherson admits achieving climate neutrality at the sprawling school will require solutions that may not be currently apparent or feasible.
Daniel Robison WNED

SUNY Buffalo has joined the ranks of the increasing number of colleges and universities hiring sustainability directors.

Now begins the hard part for these employees, tasked with making campuses more environmentally friendly. 

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Fri September 30, 2011

Tonawanda gets federal help to prevent pollution before it starts

The e3 program will allow polluters to draw on special perks to modernize facilities while maintaining or increasing current levels of employment, says Anthony Caruana, Tonawanda town supervisor.
Daniel Robison WNED

Tonawanda has the highest concentration of air polluting factories in New York, with 53 in just a two mile radius.

Carcinogens like benzene and formaldehyde exceed allowable levels, and that’s just the tip of the pollution iceberg.

It’s these dubious distinctions that caught the notice of the Environmental Protection Agency, which has invited Tonawanda - long ranked as one of New York’s top polluting cities - to participate in the new federal program to improve air quality known as e3.  

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Mon September 26, 2011

SUNY "report card" shows need for STEM students

The SUNY Report Card will track how the system performs in certain key areas, like graduation, retention, diversity and research spending.
ElementsofTime via Flickr

SUNY now grades itself – not like its students, with A’s and F’s – but with a detailed public analysis of its strengths and weaknesses.

The second-ever “SUNY Report Card” was released Monday. Chancellor Nancy Zimpher says the document is a frank portrayal of the system, despite the fact it’s self-authored.

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Wed September 21, 2011

UB medical school receives mysterious $40 million donation

The $40 million donation - the largest in UB's history - will be used to try to lure top talent the university's medical school.
Daniel Robison WNED

An anonymous philanthropist has given the University at Buffalo its largest donation ever: $40 million to the UB medical school.

UB has already drawn up plans to have the money trickle down through the medical school, improving each of its 26 departments along the way.

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Wed September 14, 2011
Regional Councils

Conflicts of interest "will come up" on economic councils

Regional council members are asked to self-report any conflicts of interest that arise. But a clear oversight mechanism has yet to be unveiled.
Aiden Jones via Flickr

More than 250 New Yorkers will sit on the regional economic councils.

They come from all over New York, yet many aren’t strangers to working with each other – or with the state.

And those complex relationships mean that no council member will be completely free of the possibility of charges of conflict of interest, as they work to pick the winners and losers in the future of economic development in New York.

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