WATCH: Outdoor schools create new adventures in learning

Dec 29, 2016
Katie Campbell / EarthFix

Young children today recognize hundreds of corporate logos, but few can identify more than a handful of plants and animals in their own backyard.

You’re about to meet a group of preschoolers who are quite different.

Made on State helps artists grow businesses

Dec 28, 2016
Tom Dooley

When a group of professional artists teamed up with a property developer, the result was a new space in Rochester that brought the artists together under one roof — and boosted business for many of them.

Craig Webster, a partner with Webster Properties, calls Made on State “a match made in heaven.”

“I really wanted to make sure I put some people in here that were going to engage the area,” Webster said.

Larry Moss, the creative director of Airigami, said he appreciates how Made on State allows cooperation between artists.

WATCH: Fighting against eminent domain

Dec 19, 2016
Allegheny Front

Companies are using eminent domain to build pipelines to carry natural gas and natural gas liquids from Pennsylvania and Ohio to markets across the country.

One family tried to fight back to preserve their land owned for generations, and lost.


In May, New York state announced the completion of the largest land acquisition in more than 100 years, the Boreas Ponds tract, which was the final purchase from a 2012 agreement with the Nature Conservancy.

Should the land be designated as "wild forest" or "wilderness?" The vocabulary might not seem like a big difference, but it's at the very heart of a debate.


Gov. Andrew Cuomo returned to Albany on Thursday for the annual Regional Economic Development Council awards, where more than $700 million was given out to 10 different regions around the state.