Tue April 15, 2014
Oil Trains

Groups call growing oil shipments in NY Cuomo's "Keystone" moment

Oil train protestors in Albany, Tuesday
Credit Karen DeWitt/WXXI

National environmental groups are trying to focus the spotlight on Governor Andrew Cuomo, over the issue of the growing international oil distribution center, located just blocks from the State Capitol, at the Port of Albany.   

A small band of demonstrators chanted and held signs to protest a confluence of events that has turned upstate New York into a major center for oil distribution.

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Fri April 11, 2014
Nuclear Waste

Nuclear waste facility in political, environmental limbo with full decommissioning still years away

West Valley Demonstration Project
Jim Day/WXXI

The U.S. is the world’s largest nuclear power producer, and more than a quarter of New York’s electricity is supplied by atomic energy. As older nuclear plants in the state, and across the US, reach the end of their operational life, managing the nuclear waste left behind has become an ongoing national issue.

For nearly half a century, western New York has been home to one of the nation’s most unique nuclear facilities. The West Valley nuclear site, 30 miles south of Buffalo, is the only commercial nuclear reprocessing plant to have operated in the United States. (Video tour of the facility after the jump)

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