natural gas en PA residents voice opinions over proposed pipeline <p>The proposed pipeline would run 124 miles of 30-inch pipe. It would start in Susquehanna County, pass into New York and cut through Broome and Delaware counties on its way to connect with the already existing Tennessee Gas Pipeline in Shoharie County.</p><p>Both sides at the meeting were passionate. People spoke for over two hours.</p><p>The public forum was on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, or FERC’s draft environmental impact study of the proposed pipeline.</p> Fri, 04 Apr 2014 18:49:31 +0000 Matt Martin WSKG 3355 at PA residents voice opinions over proposed pipeline Natural gas divides Seneca Lake community <p><iframe frameborder="0" height="376" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" scrolling="no" seamless="" src="" width="450"></iframe></p>Jenna Flanagan reports on the community debate over a development that would see natural gas reserves stored in the salt caverns at Seneca Lake.</p><p>Arlington Storage, a company acquired by Inergy Midstream (now known as Crestwood Midstream since Oct. 7<sup> </sup>2013), would operate this storage project. Natural gas from other states (where hydraulic fracturing is allowed) would be pumped in via underground pipes and stored in the caverns 2,000 feet below the surface.</p><p> Mon, 25 Nov 2013 14:04:04 +0000 Jenna Flanagan 3134 at Natural gas divides Seneca Lake community Whose fault was Norse Energy's bankruptcy? <p>New York’s hold on high-volume hydrofracking has entered its sixth year. So Norse Energy first tried to stay afloat until fracking’s approval, then gave up and converted to Chapter 7, a complete shutdown of operations. The company and fracking supporters cited the state’s de factor moratorium as the obvious culprit.<br /><br />Norse’s former chief legal officer Dennis Holbrook says drillers just can’t compete anymore using the drilling methods still allowed in New York.<br /><br />“The easiest analogy I could give you, if you had a Model T and you were racing other Model T’s and you were doing fine and the next generation of vehicles comes out and you were still being told that all you can do is use your Model T.”<br /><br />But the company was still drilling vertical wells in New York. In 2010, Norse approached Buffalo-based Bradford Drilling Associates about a 30-well project in the Herkimer sandstone formation.</p><p> Wed, 30 Oct 2013 19:14:34 +0000 Matt Richmond & WSKG 3095 at Whose fault was Norse Energy's bankruptcy? Natural gas storage regulations get wrapped up in fracking fight <p>Anti-fracking activists are also fighting New York’s efforts to lift a ban on small natural gas storage and fueling facilities. A public information session on the matter held in Syracuse on Wednesday became about the larger natural gas industry.</p><p>New York is the only state to ban small-scale natural gas storage. That came after a 1970s facility accident in New York City. Now, under efforts from the state Department of Environmental Conservation, new fueling stations for trucks could be built as early as next year.</p><p>The DEC says the first permits would likely be issued for smaller facilities supplying fuel to long-haul and fleet trucks that use liquefied natural gas as a cheaper substitute for diesel. Thu, 17 Oct 2013 12:42:10 +0000 Ryan Delaney, WRVO 3072 at Natural gas storage regulations get wrapped up in fracking fight Opposition forms to proposed Binghamton to Syracuse pipeline <p>A group opposed to the construction of a new north-south natural gas pipeline that would run from Binghamton to Syracuse is hoping to get its message to landowners along the planned route before the gas company does.</p><p>This past May, Millennium Pipeline Company <a href="" target="_blank">proposed building the Upstate Pipeline</a> which would connect three east-west pipelines already in operation.</p><p>A small opposition group, called <a href="" target="_blank">Stop The I-81 Pipeline</a> for the line's parallel path to Interstate 81, will begin its public relations battle this evening with a public hearing at 6:30 at the Center for the Arts in Homer. Mon, 23 Sep 2013 19:20:13 +0000 Ryan Delaney, WRVO 3016 at Opposition forms to proposed Binghamton to Syracuse pipeline