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Sat April 20, 2013

Can you patent a human gene?

Steven Hunt/Getty Images

This week, the US Supreme Court took on a question considered fundamental to the future of scientific and medical research; can human genes be patented?

This question has spurred a fierce debate, but there may be a solution in the middle ground after all.

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Fri April 19, 2013

Advanced video processing could help law enforcement


Investigators in Boston this week quickly began sifting through more than two thousand video and still images of the marathon route looking for potential suspects in bombing, with crowd sourcing becoming the newest tool in the arsenal of law enforcement agencies.

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Fri April 19, 2013

Homeowners push for student zoning to fight rental properties

A rental property on Euclid Ave., in the University Area neighborhood of Syracuse.
Ryan Delaney WRVO

The Southeast University Neighborhood Association has been fighting back against an invasion for decades.

"We’re not squeamish about living with students," says Michael Stanton, head of the homeowners association, known as SEUNA. "The thing is that, if the current trend continues, there won’t be any families. In a matter of years, they’ll all be replaced by rentals."

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Thu April 18, 2013

CHPE power project moves a step closer, clears PSC hurdle


The Champlain Hudson Power Express or CHPE is the name of a proposed underground transmission line that would bring hydropower generated in Canada under Lake Champlain, under the Hudson River, and into New York City.

The Innovation Trail’s Sarah Harris reports that the project is one step closer to becoming a reality, following approval by the New York State Public Service Commission Thursday.

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Thu April 18, 2013

Why startups are weeds and how innovation is like sex

Venture capitalist and entrepreneurship mentor Greg Horowitt.
workingcapitalteam via Flickr

Startups are like weeds. Entrepreneurs are like fruit flies. Innovation is like ideas having sex. Greg Horowitt has a lot of colorful metaphors to describe the world of startup companies and entrepreneurship.

Horowitt is a venture capitalist and entrepreneurship mentor from southern California. He helped start the CONNECT innovation network in San Diego. He's since started the spinoff Global CONNECT and has traveled the world to help set up innovation communities.

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